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Escape to a tropical paradise every time you step into the shower with our luxurious, tropically-inspired shower gel. Infused with invigorating scents that awaken the senses and soothe the soul, our shower gel provides the ultimate indulgence for your skin. Crafted with an all-natural base, our formula nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. With a wide variety of scents to choose from, you can customize your shower experience to match your mood and preferences. So go ahead, lather up and immerse yourself in the indulgence of our luxurious shower gel.


Hanalei Sunrise: Hanalei Sunrise is a captivating fragrance that brings together the fresh, invigorating scent of tangerine and the delicate, floral aroma of jasmine. The combination of these two essential oils creates a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and uplifting.

Tan Lines: Tan Lines scent captures the essence of a perfect day at the beach with its unique combination of warm, sun-kissed sand, sea salt, and refreshing citrusy notes. The scent opens with a burst of mandarin, creating a fresh and invigorating sensation that reminds you of the salty ocean breeze. As the fragrance develops, the delicate floral notes of jasmine begin to emerge, adding a feminine touch to the scent.

Coconut Mango: The scent of coconut mango is a delightful fusion of two tropical fragrances that create a uniquely refreshing and exotic aroma. The scent is characterized by a creamy, sweet coconut base note that is perfectly blended with the fresh, fruity scent of mango.

Pikake: Pikake is a fragrance that is renowned for its soft, sweet and exotic aroma. It is a captivating scent that combines the warmth of spices with the delicate beauty of white florals. The soft spices in Pikake perfume create a subtle yet intriguing spicy undertone that adds depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Plumeria: Plumeria is a type of flower that is native to tropical regions and is also commonly known as Frangipani. The scent of Plumeria is often described as a clean floral with tropical breezes. The fragrance is sweet and somewhat heady, with a slight hint of citrus that gives it a refreshing quality.

Coconut Lilikoi: Coconut Lilikoi scent is a fragrance that features a base of creamy coconut milk, which provides a smooth and soothing aroma. The coconut milk provides a rich and creamy undertone to the scent, giving it a warm and comforting feeling. The creamy base is then enhanced by the addition of a tart and tangy lilikoi scent.


Kauai Kolada: Aloha, fragrance connoisseurs! Prepare to embark on an olfactory journey to the lush paradise of Kauai with our enchanting creation – “Kauai Kolada.”

Close your eyes, and let the tropical breeze carry you to sun-kissed shores. Picture yourself on a pristine beach, surrounded by swaying palm trees and the gentle caress of the Pacific Ocean. The scent of “Kauai Kolada” embodies this serene scene.

As you inhale, the essence of ripe, juicy pineapples envelops your senses, instantly transporting you to a fruit-laden paradise. The pineapple notes are tantalizingly sweet, succulent, and utterly irresistible. They dance with a subtle undertone of creamy coconut, reminiscent of freshly cracked coconuts under the warm Hawaiian sun.

Picture yourself sipping a chilled, frothy coconut milk infused with the essence of the tropics. The coconut notes in “Kauai Kolada” evoke the creamy sensation of coconut milk, delivering a velvety texture to the fragrance, akin to the softness of a tropical island breeze.

Mixed within this symphony is a touch of vanilla, adding a subtle creaminess that mirrors the velvety mouthfeel of a perfectly blended piña colada. It’s a harmonious fusion that lingers, leaving a trail of delightful memories, like a lingering sunset on the horizon.

“Kauai Kolada” is more than just a fragrance; it’s a scent-sational journey to the heart of Kauai, capturing the essence of sun-soaked days, gentle waves, and the joy of the Hawaiian tropics. Let the magic of Kauai fill the air, wherever you may roam. Mahalo for letting us bring a piece of paradise to you.

Tuberose:  Ah, Tuberose, a fragrance as ethereal as moonlight caressing tropical blooms. Picture a moonlit garden on a balmy island night, where the air is adorned with the delicate essence of Tuberose. This scent is a dance of floral elegance, reminiscent of the Tuberose flower in full bloom.

Close your eyes and imagine the first inhale—the soft embrace of Tuberose gently swirling in the breeze, like whispers of floral poetry. The initial notes transport you to a midnight garden, where the Tuberose’s sweetness unfolds, delicate and intoxicating.

As the scent evolves, the heart notes unveil a lush, creamy richness, mirroring the Tuberose’s velvety petals. You’ll find yourself immersed in the intoxicating warmth, akin to the sensation of moonbeams kissing your skin.

And as the scent settles into its base, a subtle, lingering depth emerges, akin to the Tuberose’s lasting presence in the night air. It’s a lingering memory of the garden’s magic, an essence that lingers like a fond, whispered secret.

In the world of scents, Tuberose embodies elegance and grace, capturing the essence of a moonlit garden, where petals breathe poetry into the night.

Lavender Skies: Lavender Skies, an olfactory embrace reminiscent of twilight whispers and gentle breezes. Imagine a meadow kissed by the last rays of the setting sun, a symphony of lavender blooms weaving their aromatic dance through the air.

At first inhalation, Lavender Skies caresses your senses with the soothing, floral grace of lavender essential oil. It’s like walking through a lavender field at the peak of its bloom, the soft, powdery notes intertwining with a sense of tranquil harmony. This scent embodies the calming embrace of lavender, offering a moment of serenity in a bustling world.

As the fragrance evolves, delicate undertones of earthy herbs and a hint of citrus unveil themselves, adding depth and complexity. These nuances evoke the feeling of a peaceful garden, where the lavender plants harmonize with other botanical treasures, creating a sense of balance and tranquility.

Lavender Skies is not just a scent; it’s an invitation to close your eyes and envision lavender-hued clouds drifting across the evening sky, carrying the essence of relaxation and quietude. Let this fragrance transport you to a place of peaceful contemplation, where the worries of the day fade into the lavender-infused horizon.

Puakenikeni: Puakenikeni, a scent that dances on the tropical breeze like petals gently caressed by the Hawaiian sun. Picture the first rays of dawn kissing the lush shores, embracing the island in a tender embrace. This fragrance is an olfactory love song to the Puakenikeni flower, a melody of nature’s finest.

At its heart, Puakenikeni captures the soul of the flower, unveiling notes that mirror its delicate petals in full bloom. Imagine the sweet caress of tropical florals, a harmony of jasmine and orange blossom blending seamlessly to form the fragrant embrace of Puakenikeni blossoms. This scent transports you to a tranquil beach, where the sea whispers secrets and the air is fragrant with the essence of love.

As the scent unfolds, hints of coconut and a touch of vanilla join the symphony, embodying the warmth of the Hawaiian sun and the gentle sway of palm fronds. It’s like being wrapped in the soft embrace of a Hawaiian lei, with each inhale invoking memories of island escapades and hula dances under the moonlit sky.

Puakenikeni is more than a fragrance; it’s a journey to the heart of the Hawaiian islands, a sensory tribute to the beauty and spirit of Puakenikeni blooms. Let it adorn your skin and spirit, letting you carry the essence of Hawaii with you, wherever you go.



Shower gel is: Aqua (Water), Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Betaine, Xantham Gum, Sodium Chloride, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Phenonxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, fragrance


Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in
Shower Gel Scent

Coconut Lilikoi, Coconut Lime, Coconut Mango, Coconut Milk, Cold Pond, Cucumber Mint, Fresh Vanilla, Garden Grotto, Hibiscus Dream, Jasmine Grapefruit, Kauai Kolada, Lavender Skies, Lei'd in Kauai, Mango Cilantro, Mango Papaya, Ocean Mist, Orange Vanilla, Pikake, Pineapple, Plumeria, POG, Puakenikeni, Tiare, Tuberose, Tan Lines

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